Actor Chandan Sen| Bengali actor awarded in Russia 2022

( Actor Chandan Sen is given the best actor award for Abhinandan Banerjee directed film The Cloud and the Man) Actor Chandan Sen| How does the versatile actor Chandan Sen impress you? Do you like his acting? Yes or no , whatever may be your answer. But thing must startle you about him. Bengal did … Read more

Hydrogen train in India| Really!Indian railways 2022

( Hydrogen train in India ? Yes Indian railways is taking initiative to launch it in coming 2023. Here is details) Hydrogen train in India| Environmental degradation is gradually increasing bit by bit with the passage of time. Global warming is a threat to the environment and the bad impact of global warming puts mark … Read more

Kolkata metro| When first and last metro runs in Durga Puja 22

( Kolkata metro newly makes timetable in the special occasion of Durga Puja. See details) Kolkata metro in Durga Puja 2022| Puja in Kolkata is one the biggest festivals in city, perhaps one of the biggest in India. It will not be an exaggeration to define it to be the most famous festival in the … Read more

Knotts Berry Farm | The park closes early on Saturday: Why? 2022

Knotts Berry Farm

( Knott’s Berry Farm of Buena park closes early on Saturday owing to multiple fights. See details:) Knotts Berry Farm| Buena park Knott’s Berry Farm was compelled to close at an early hour on Saturday night due to the rude behaviour conducted by the some guests when the behaviour was called as “unruly behaviour” Knotts … Read more

Ivana Trump dead | New Update of Donald first wife death ,2022

Ivana Trump die

(Ivana Trump dead. Former US president Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump died on 14 July, the content provides you details) Ivana Trump dead. The New York City experienced a heartbreaking sorrow on 14 th July as Former president Donald Trump ‘s first wife Ivana Trump left us for ever. As per the ABC7 New … Read more

Zombies 3 | Persuasion| Netflix, Disney+ airing this weekend

Zombies 3

( Zombies 3, Disney+ new film and “Persuasion” , Netflix new film along with few others on the way of release this weekend. Have a look) Zombies 3 | On This weekend Disney+ is going to air ” Zombies 3 while Netflix attempting to sketch with new norms Jane Austen ‘s romantic novel “Persuasion” through … Read more

International Yoga Day 2022| When should one do Yoga?

(International Yoga Day 2022. The Indian creation of Yoga has gained world fame in 2015. There are the real guidelines for Yoga practice) The International Yoga Day 2022. International Yoga Day first started in 2015 (21st June). The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the initiative and in 2015 in a general assembly of the … Read more

Thank You Maam| important textual grammar class 12

(Thank You Maam is a short story selected for class xii WBCHSE. Here are some important transformation of sentences and other grammar) Thank You Ma’am by Langston Hughes is short story where the readers find themselves at night at the very out set when Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones was returning home and all on … Read more

Strong Roots | Important textual grammar, class 12

(Strong Roots by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is an autobiographical piece taken from his “The Wings of Fire. This content contains most important textual gramma.) Strong Roots by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam describes the childhood of Dr Kalam. Strong Roots has been taken from his autobiographical writing The Wings of Fire. In Strong Roots Kalam … Read more