Actor Chandan Sen| Bengali actor awarded in Russia 2022

( Actor Chandan Sen is given the best actor award for Abhinandan Banerjee directed film The Cloud and the Man)

Actor Chandan Sen| How does the versatile actor Chandan Sen impress you? Do you like his acting? Yes or no , whatever may be your answer. But thing must startle you about him. Bengal did not give him his due , though the actor has recently gained respect as an actor outside India.

He can easily take a shot in theatre though stricken with disease . He gives efforts to forget the pain of chronic disease being absorbed in acting from TV to cinema screen.

Actor Chandan Sen | Contribution

In this way Chandan Sen has been struggling against cancer for years. As if acting has been talking the role to bring strength in his life. Acting provides him with inspiration in his life struggle.
His contribution in Bengali cinema or serials is no less than any other well known actors and actresses.

But never gave Chandan Sen proper respect and honour in Tollywood. Though eligible, he was never awarded any award like Padma Bhushan or Banga Bhushan. He is absolutely unlucky in this regard. Latent Talents never remain concealed for ever.

His talent and acting capability has been proved when he was honoured in international field. His genius was acknowledged in Russian Pacific Meridian Filmfare . There Chandan Sen was awarded the best actor for acting in “The Cloud and the Man” . Directed by Abhinandan Banerjee this film was released in 2021.
The film was based on the story of a relationship between a person and cloud. Among other casts ,  there are Debesh Roychowdhury, Bratya Bose et al.

The Cloud and the Man was shown in the Russian Pacific Meridian Filmfare. The film has been widely appreciated abroad. Russia gave a different evaluation to Chandan Sen.

In the festive flavour of Durga Puja 2022 the actor’s fans are overwhelmed by the news.

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