Asleep In The Valley |Broad Questions and answers, class 12

( Asleep in the Valley by Arthur Rimbaud is an ani -war poem . Here are some important questions and answers)

1) What picture of war do you find in the poem “Asleep in the Valley” OR Irony of the poem.

The poem “Asleep in the Valley” written by the French poet Arthur Rimbaud reveals the horror of modern warfare. War can only bring death and destruction to human society. The present poem opens with a beautiful view of a valley where a soldier is found sleeping. However, at the end of the poem a close look reveals that the soldier has two bullet wounds on his body. He is a casualty of war. The poem implies the suffering of a soldier that he is forced to endure in the battlefield. His rest or sleep is in exact opposition to his previous activity , as it is a perpetual sleep. Premature and horrible death is the inevitability of war. The poem ironically presents the monstrous destruction that a soldier has to experience in the front.

2) “A soldier, very young, lies open-mouthed” —What is the source of the line? Who is the soldier? How is he sleeping ? How is the place where he sleeps ? 1+1+2+2

The above line occurs in the poem ” Asleep In The Valley” by French poet Arthur Rimbaud.
The soldier is a victim of war and lies dead in a beautiful valley.
The soldier is sleeping peacefully in a sunlit valley. His bed is warm after soaking the sunlight that protects the soldier from cold. . He is sleeping with a fern-pillow under his head. His feet are among the flowers that grow in the valley. He lies open-mouthed with an innocent child-like smile on his face and one hand on his breast.
The valley where the soldier sleeps is attractive because of its greenery. A stream flows slowly there leaving long silver strands on the grass. The place surrounded by mountains is warm as it receives sunrays. Insects hum around the place which is full of ferns and flowers.

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