CDC booster shot | CDC recommends booster dose for 5-11 age

( CDC Booster shot recommendation for the children under the age group of 5-11. What did the organisation director Dr Rochelle Walensky say about it?)

CDC booster shot | Here is the details of declaration:

CDC booster shot for 5 to 11 aged children had been waiting to be recommended. On Thursday (19 the May) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lit green signal for official recommendation over Pfizer Covid 19 booster shot for the children under the age group between 5-11.

The children can take the booster dose after at least five months of taking the preliminary doses.

The experts are brooding over the increment rate of infection all over the country . At the same time the immunity is decreasing among the children.

After a long four hours of dicussion in a public meeting over the data , the panel of CDC ‘s vaccine email casted their vote in support of children vaccination for aforesaid age group.

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky gave green signal to the pharmacies, doctors’ offices and other medical professionals for starting the booster shot signing the recommendation letter this evening.

Though the lion’s share of the 5- 11 group has not been vaccinated by the first two doses , CDC is preparing for the booster shot.

The source reveals that only the 29- 30 % of the age group have been fully vaccinated.

CDC'S booster shot

CDC booster shot| What did the director say?

Director Walensky tried his best level to make the guardians convinced with his assertion that the booster shot is out of risk and he stated encouraging words to the guardians so that they may come forward for their children’s vaccination without hesitation.

Walensky expressed his sorrow that the primary vaccination for the age group is lesser than the other groups .

The parents should be conscious more regarding Covid vaccine. From superstition the guardians are to come out .

Walensky emphatically insisted upon being vaccinated. The can depend on CDC’s Covid 19 Vaccine.

Corona virus is supposed to be less affective on children than adults though , with the advent of omicron varient an alarming number of children between the age group of 5- 11 were hospitalized.

CDC data reveals that due to the Covid pandemic more than 4.8 million children of the age group were infected with Covid up to this period.

Out of them more than 15000 children were hospitalized and the death records exceeded more than 180 .

CDC booster shot | Dr Grace Lee opinion:

The Committee chairman and the respected professor of pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr Grace Lee admitted the substantiality of the impact of Covid 19 in kids. If it is left unchecked it would be affective for the impacted persons.

Since the advent of Covid pandemic more than 8000 children have developed MIS- C . Amongst the affected children 46% are reported to be under the age group of 5-11.

Unfortunately sixteen children have lost their lives under the age group due to MIS-C.

CDC’ booster shot needed the recommendation, for in US the rate of infection has been increasing to an alarming proportion.

Dr Keipp Talbot only stood against the CDC’s booster shot recommendation. According to him US should monitor on encouraging for the vaccination for the children who have not taken the first two doses than giving priority for the CDC booster shot.

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