International Yoga Day 2022| When should one do Yoga?

(International Yoga Day 2022. The Indian creation of Yoga has gained world fame in 2015. There are the real guidelines for Yoga practice)

The International Yoga Day 2022. International Yoga Day first started in 2015 (21st June).

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the initiative and in 2015 in a general assembly of the United Nations the proposal for drafting Yoga Day was passed and 21 June was announced to be the International Yoga Day. There are uncountable benefits of Yoga.

International Yoga Day 2022| what is the proper time for Yoga?

There should not be anything better than meditation through Yoga. At least the experts think that Yoga is a good habit for keeping you fit without taking any medicine.

Regular practice of Yoga and physical exercise makes you physically strong and mentally healthy.

Yoga is the easiest way to cure mental and physical problems. But many do not know an untimely Yoga may bring even a negative impact on one’s health.

International Yoga Day 2022| Should one it with an empty stomach?

Should it be done on empty stomach or else? What do the nutritionists say and advise about it?
An unhealthy and unhygienic lifestyle causes many health hazards in our body. Irregular food habits and the habit of taking excessive fast food are also responsible for this.

Every day we are suffering from different kinds of diseases – ill digestion, mental stress, arthritis, etc. Only Yoga can give you a solution to these diseases. Only a regular practice of Yoga can make one fit.

Regular practice of pranayama has the ability to remove from your life the trace of old age and tiredness. It brings to you a happy life.

Pranayama is a unique exercise for one’s good health. Though one has to be punctual about it.

The selection of wrong time for Yoga and physical excercise do not give any chance for good experience. It may bring bad side effects.

Among many issues one is– May we be benefited after doing Yoga and physical excercise with empty stomach?
Let’s see what the nutritionists say about it.

What should be eaten before Yoga?
Some nutritionists advise that it is good for health to do Yoga or excercise in the early our of morning. It is beneficial to your health. But if feel a little weak , you have to take the guidelines of the experts.

If this happens, you should drink a little light hot water mixed with a little amount of honey just before the Yoga

If someone has the habit of doing Yoga in another time of the day rather than morning, he should eat something just 2-3 hours before the Yoga but only if you think that your food has been digested well. Otherwise you may fall weak.

There are so many amongst us who want to be slim and they have very little food or may be they leave themselves unfed for a long time for the purpose of being slim.

One must be careful of it. The nutritionists think there are many misconceptions about Yoga.

If one go under the wrong habits of Yoga day after day, there must be an negative impact on one’s body.

The nutritionists and experts think one should always eat light meal a little before the Yoga even in morning. As a result of it your food will be digested well, rather than harming your metabolism.
You can eat some dates, nuts,or apple. An excercise with empty stomach make you feeble due to excessive heat and loss of calory.

Many other nutritionists think there is no risk and harmness in doing Yoga with empty stomach in morning.

This kind of habit does not have heavy impact on your body. On the contrary it works well cure your respiratory problems. Only drink a little fresh water. It keeps your stomach well.

It may not be same for all. So one has to follow one’s trainer while doing Yoga. Especially who are suffering from chronic disease, they must be more alert about it.
Always carry on your trainer’s advice.

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