Ivana Trump dead | New Update of Donald first wife death ,2022

(Ivana Trump dead. Former US president Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump died on 14 July, the content provides you details)

Ivana Trump dead. The New York City experienced a heartbreaking sorrow on 14 th July as Former president Donald Trump ‘s first wife Ivana Trump left us for ever.

As per the ABC7 New York Ivana died at her New York City home at the age of 73 making her children Eric, Junior Don and Ivanka motherless.

Former president Donald Trump expressed his sorrow on her death on social media. Trump became saddened to let her benevolent fans know of Ivana ‘s death news.

% Ivana Trump dead | New Update of Donald first wife death ,2022

Ivana Trump dead| Donald Trump assertion:

Donald Trump stated about his first wife that she was indeed a wonderful and beautiful woman who was also amazing.

Donald Trump added more that Ivana would like to lead a great and inspiring life. Ivana used to take pride in her three children Eric, Donald Junior and Ivanka.

Trump made the above statement while confirming Ivana’s death.

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Ivana Trump dead| Her children ‘s confirmation:

Ivana ‘s children aslo gave statement separately to confirm their mother’s demise.

Ivana ‘s three children uttered that she was an incredible woman who shone as world class athlete with her sparkling beauty. Ivana was not their mother only but a real friend as well.

According to ABC report on 14 th July when the clock bell was about to strike on 1 p.m,

The police were summoned to the Upper East side neighborhood of Manhattan to attend to Trump’s apartment, for someone was caught in cardiac arrest. The outlet reported too that Ivana died of natural causes.

As it is told beforehand, the Trump family members established confirmation of Ivana ‘s death.

According to the source Ivana Trump had her last dinner in the Italian restaurant Altesi’s the night before she died on 14 th day of July.

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