Knotts Berry Farm | The park closes early on Saturday: Why? 2022

( Knott’s Berry Farm of Buena park closes early on Saturday owing to multiple fights. See details:)

Knotts Berry Farm| Buena park Knott’s Berry Farm was compelled to close at an early hour on Saturday night due to the rude behaviour conducted by the some guests when the behaviour was called as “unruly behaviour”

Knotts Berry Farm incident:

As per source , a number of quarrelsome teenagers displayed unruly behaviour and started altercation.

Due to this unpleasant incident it was decided to close the park at least three hours before the scheduled time on the Saturday evening.

Knotts Berry Farm
Knotts Berry Farm

This kind of behaviour stroke the park’s dignity and it was quite unexpected from the guests visiting the park.

According to Buena park police, they had to check ” multiple fights in the park” on Saturday evening.

Some dialed 911 and informed of shooting. The departmental Facebook post reveals that police were present on the spot during phone calls and they assured that there was no shooting.

Knotts Berry Farm is the popular oldest theme park situated in California . Disneyland is not far away from the park. Knott ‘s Berry Farm is only 10 minutes driving distance from Disneyland.

The authority of the park gives importance on the safety of the Knotts Berry Farm’s guests and associates.

Immediately after the advent of multiple fights, the decided to close the park and urged the public to avoid the area till further notice.

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As per Fox 11 Los Angeles report, information of shooting came at around 8 p.m . The lights of the Welcome Gate stopped glowing at 9 p.m.

According to the Orange County Fire Authority three persons got injuries in the fights. Two of the injured were sent to the local hospital and the third one refused medical treatment.

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