1) Discuss the central idea of the story “Thank You Ma’am” .

Langston Hughes’ short story ” Thank You Ma’am ” tells the story of two characters– Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones and a young boy named Roger. Transformation from the unfair ways of living to a right one is treated to be the central idea of the present story. The plot reveals that Roger tries to snatch away Mrs Jones’ purse to satisfy his needs . But instead of giving him to jail or any other punishment , she takes him to her house and feeds him with motherly affection. Mrs Jones realises perhaps the boy has not taken his supper yet. When they are finished with eating she gives him ten dollars for buying a pair of blue suede shoes. Roger does not find adequate word to show his gratitude to her. The focus is that kindness and goodness can change a person more effectively than imposing fear and punishment. Perhaps Roger has been detailed from the main track being poverty-striken.