Thank You Maam | Important short questions answers class 12

( Thank You Ma’am by Langston Hughes is a successful short story of human values. See important MCQ)

Thank You Ma’am| short questions and answers

1)”She was a large woman…” –What did the large woman have?

Ans: The large woman had a large purse in which there was everything except a hammer and nails.

2) Describe the purse that Mrs Jones carried.

Ans: Mrs Jones’ purse was a large one that contained everything but a hammer and nails. It had a long strap.

3) At what time and how was Mrs Jones returning home?

Ans: Mrs Jones was returning home at about eleven o’clock at night and she was alone.

4) When and where did Mrs Jones and Roger meet?

Ans: Mrs Jones and Roger met at night at the corner of the road when Roger applied an effort for taking away her purse.

5) How was Mrs Jones carrying her purse while returning home from work?

Ans: Mrs Jones was carrying her large purse slung across her shoulder as it had a long strap.

Thank You Ma’am| short questions answers

6) What happened to Mrs Jones when she was returning home at night?

Ans: When Mrs Jones was returning home at night, a young boy called Roger tried to take away her purse.

7) What happened when Roger tried to snatch Mrs. Jones’ purse?

Ans: When Roger tried to snatch Mrs. Jones’ purse, the combined weight of the boy and the purse caused him to lose his balance. He fell on his back with his legs up.

8) Why could not Roger flee with the purse?

Ans: With the single tug given by Roger the strap of the purse broke and the boy lost balance to fall. So he could not flee with the purse.

9) What did Mrs Jones ask the boy to pick up?

Ans: Mrs Jones asked the boy to pick up her pocketbook.

10) Why did Mrs Jones call the boy a liar?

Ans: The boy told Mrs Jones that he had tried to snatch the purse without any aim. So she called the boy a liar.

11) “And your face is dirty”– When did the speaker say so ?

Ans: When Roger whispered that he was sorry for his deed , Mrs. Jones made the above remark.

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12) ” I got a great mind to….” —-Who is the speaker? What did the speaker think of doing?

Ans: Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones is the speaker here. She thought of washing Roger’s dirty face.

13) According to Mrs Jones, how old was Roger?

Ans: To Mrs Jones, Roger was looking like a boy aged fourteen or fifteen.

14) What shoes and jeans was Roger wearing in the story Thank You Ma’am?

Ans: Roger was wearing tennis shoes and blue jeans.

15) What did Mrs Jones say when the boy asked her to set him free?

Ans: When the boy asked her to set him free, Mrs Jones asked him if she had been bothering him when she had turned that corner.

16) What would the woman teach Roger if he had been her son ?

Ans: If Roger had been her son, Mrs Jones would teach him right from wrong.

17) What according to the woman was the least she could do for the boy?

Ans: The woman could at least wash the boy’s dirty face.

18) What did the woman do when the boy began to struggle?

Ans: When the boy began to struggle, the woman stopped and jerked him around in front of her. She put a half-nelson about his neck and dragged him up the street.

19) What is half-nelson related to?

Ans: In Thank You Ma’am, the term “half -nelson” is related to Wrestling Match. It is a kind of wrestling hold.

20) What did the woman do when she got to her door?

Ans: When she got to her door, Mrs Jones dragged the boy inside, down a hall, and into a large kitchen at the rear of the house.

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