The Eyes Have It | Broad Questions & Answers, class 12

(The Eyes Have It by Ruskin Bond successful short story that keeps the readers curious till the end. Here are some questions)

1) Comment on the title of the story ” The Eyes Have It”.

“The Eyes Have It” is a short story by Ruskin Bond that was also named as” The Eyes Are Not Here” and “The Girl on the Train”. The narrator of this story was a blind man and his eyes were sensitive only to light and darkness .He was going to Dehradun by train. In the train compartment he met a girl. Considering her to be quite normal, he tried to conceal his blindness in every possible way. Even he praised the girl’s face. It is interesting that after the girl’s departure, the narrator came to know from his second co-passenger that the girl was also blind. She also succeeded to hide her blindness. The emphasis on the fact that the good eyes have normal eyesight whereas the blind can see by their insight. Indeed the eyes have it i.e sight. Here the title is apt and just.

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