The Poetry of Earth |broad questions & answers, class 12

( The Poetry of Earth by John Keats is written in the Petrarchan sonnet form. See important questions and answers)

In the poem “The Poetry of Earth” Romantic poet John Keats by “poetry of earth” means to say the music of Earth. According to him nature is full of songs and music. Its music never stops. In summer, the song of Grasshopper is heard and in winter the responsibility of a musician falls on the cricket. This is the poetry of earth.
The line “The Poetry of Earth is never dead ” implies that songs and music of nature never stop. Any change in season or weather will not affect this law. In summer, the song-birds , being tired in the hot sun , take shelter in cooling trees and stop singing. Still the song of nature is heard as the tiny grasshopper sings merrily. Similarly, in the midst of frosty silent winter evening the cricket reminds the drowsy man of grasshopper’s delightful song by singing among the grassy hills.

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