Three Questions | broad questions and answers, class 12

( Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy is a masterful short story that gives us meaningful lessons. Here are some questions and answers for you)

1) Discuss the title of the piece ” Three Questions”.

Tolstoy’s ” Three Questions ” is a successful didactic story. Only an easy survey proves that the title of the story is relevant to the plot. At the very beginning the readers come to learn that three questions appear in the mind of a certain Tsar . The questions are – What is the proper time for an action , who are the most necessary people and what is the most important thing to do. These three questions having occurred to him , he proclaims throughout his kingdom to reward him who can answer them. Learned men come but none can give any satisfactory answers to his questions. So the Tsar decides to consult a hermit who was known for his wisdom and who lived in a wood . There the Tsar along with the hermit save the a bearded man . Through this incident the hermit teaches the Tsar that present time is the most important time , the most necessary man is he with whom we are and to do good to him is the most important thing. The entire story centres round the three questions and quest for their answers. Here the title is apt and just.

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