Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan

American podcaster Joseph James Rogan again makes headlines for using backlash word

UFC commentator

Rogan is Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator

Rogan vs Trump

Rogan discloses that he rejected to host interview with Ex U S President Donald Trump

Rogan's comment

On "Lex Fridman's podcast" Rogan said that he got the opportunity to have Trump repeatedly on his favourite show but he declined


Rogan looked upon Trump to be an " existential threat to democracy itself"


Remarking on 2024 President Election Rojan referred Joe Biden as a " dead man" .

Artificial intelligence Researcher Lex Fridman proposed Trump might be present on ""The Joe Rogan Experience" show like Kanye West . What was Rojan's reply?

Lex Fridman

Kanye West

In comparison to Trump , Kanye is an artist. His goodness or badness wouldn't effect on country's course. Rogan opined.