Adivi Sesh and Saiee Manjrekar's  film has been praised and has acquired grand success



Vinay Kr. Sirigineedi and Kodati Pavan Kalyan edited the film "Major"


Vinay  was the associate editor  for " Goodachari" a 2018 released film

Impression on Adivi

Vinay impressed Adivi by his works in "Goodachari" and so got the offer from Adivi for editing "Major"

Online editor

Vinay and Adivi later engaged Pavan as an online editor for"Major"

Sesh and Sashi

Adivi Sesh and Sashi like Pavan Kalyan's work


Sashi Kiran Tikka directed the 2022 film"Major"

Pavan's confession

Pavan admitted that he roamed lot for an opportunity of film -editing but  he was asked if he had experience

"College Kumar"

In order to gain experience Pavan  joined as an assistant editor for 2020 film "College Kumar"(Telegu version)

Garry BH

Garry is the editor of"College Kumar", though Pavan gets the credit simultaneously after completion of shooting.