Mary Mara is gone

Mary Mara is gone

American actress Mary Mara passed away at the age of 61

Mary Mara  Birth

This television and film actress was born at Syracuse,New York

Mara's Performance in "Mad Forest"

In 1992 she gave the finest onstage performance in " Mad Forest" , a play by Caryl Churchill

Mary Mara Dead body found

Police discovered her dead body in St. Lawrence River on Sunday late morning

Mary Mara Police Investigation

A primary investigation disclosed that Mara drowned to die while swimming

Mary Mara  Postmortem Report

The Jefferson County Medical Examiners' team is expected to do a necroscopy to find out the exact cause of death

Mary Mara Most famous for

Mary Mara gained wide recognition for acting the role in " Nash Bridges", "ER" ," Ray Donovan" and " Law and Order"

Los Angeles Film Festival

Los Angeles Film Festival

In 2006 Mara positively joined The Los Angeles Film Festival