Mary Miller view on "Roe vs Wade"overturn

A Republican congresswoman Mary Miller gave her opinion on "Roe vs Wade" rule on 25 June

What she said?

She defined SCOTUS decision to overturn "Roe vs Wade" as a" history victory for white life"

Isaiah Wartman's explanation

A campaign spokesman explained that by " White life" meant to say" right to life". But Miller misspoke on stage

Miller with Trump

She said this at a campaign rally with ex-president Donal Trump on Saturday

Save America Rally

The rally was entitled as "Save America Rally"



The rally took place at the Adams County Fairgrounds in Mendon

Why Miller appreciated Trump

She thanked Donal Trump for appointing the conservative justices who voted to overturn " Roe vs Wade" judgement

Latest controversy

Latest controversy

The remark on "Roe vs Wade" overturn is Miller's latest controversy