Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen

British pop star Lily Allen joined Olivia Rodrigo to perform on dias at Glastonbury on 25 June

SCOTUS criticized

The Supreme Court of US is largely criticized by their duet song. Why?

Women's abortion right

The court overturned the"Roe vs Wade" judgement of 1973

What they sang ?

They sang a version of Lily's 2009 song " Fuck You"



They performed protesting against the court for snatching away abortion right

Olivia Rodrigo's reaction to the rule

Reacting to Friday's Court rule Olivia said, "I am devastated and terrified....."

The court members criticized

They dedicated the song to condemn the justices who became active to overturn the" Roe vs Wade" law

Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen First time at Glastonbury

This is Olivia's first show at Glastonbury and was overwhelmed to sing with Lily