The Supreme Court of US on Abortion RightThe Supreme Court of U S on Abortion Right

The Supreme Court of The United States Overturned women's abortion right

"Roe vs Wade" stricken down

The Court strikes down the landmark " Roe and Wade"ruling of 1973

1973 judgement said what?

The rule of 1973 judgement rooted women's fundamental right of abortion

Supported the State of Mississippi

Proclaimed on 24 June The Supreme Court's rule went in favour of Mississippi State

"Roe and Wade" explained

"Jane Roe"was the listed name of the complainant woman Norma McCorvey and"Wade"was defendant Henry Wade, attorney

Justice Samuel Alito’s Opinion

Alito reasons out that “ Roe vs Wade” Judgement, 1973 and “Planned parent hood vs Casey” case,1992 are incurred and should be overturned.

Abortion up to foetal viability

The Coat allow abortion at the point of foetal viability when the foetal can survive coming out of the womb.

Joe Biden’s Rection

The “Roe vs Wade” judgment being overturned, Joe Biden remarks “ It is a sad day ” For the court and the country