The Supreme Court of United States cancelled New York gun law

The US Supreme Court strikes down New York gun carrying law expanding gun rights

What the Court ruled ?

The  Supreme Court of U S declared that Americans have the right to carry gun in public places

A landmark decision

Ruled on 23 June,22 , Thursday carrying gun should be a remarkable order by court

Background of the decision

The Supreme Court of United States said that it is the fundamental right of citizens for self defence

Occurance of School Shooting

The Court ruled just a week after the happening of in school due to limited order for a decade

Justice Clarence Thomas' opinion

Thomas opines, " The 2nd and 14th Amendments protect an individual's right to carry a handgun for self defence outside the home."

Big  cities included

The Court gave allowance to people for legally carrying firearms elsewhere including big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston

National Rifle Association

The ruling is a victory for the powerful gun lobby, the National Rifle Association