US Independence Day 2022

The United States celebrates 246 th Independence Day on 4th July in form of fireworks, family reunion and other activities

British Rule

The citizens of US freed themselves from the British Rule on the very day in 1776

Federal Holiday

4th July is celebrated as federal holiday with grandeur in The United States

1776 declaration

The Second Continental Congress sanctioned the Independence of US and it was declared on 4th July, 1776

Strange Event

Surprisingly the freedom attaining procedure began on 2nd July and the nation got Freedom only after two days i.e 4th July

Thirteen Colonies

The process started after the 13 Colonies in United States of America were cut off from Britain

Rechard Henry Lee

Rechard Henry Lee of Virginia proposed for Independence in a resolution


The Second Continental Congress cast vote for Independence-resolution approval to declare US freedom from British bondage